Writing the Shadow

*Postponed until further notice.

This pay-what-you-can workshop aims to nurture our expression, get comfortable with our deepest and darkest emotions, and find the story that awaits our willingness to write it.

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I fully believe in breaking the 'rules' of writing. I believe in raw authenticity and self-expression. This is what I hope to inspire within you. I am simply here to hold space for you to write authentically and fearlessly, and encourage you through the process.

  • This is not a grammar course, so please don't worry about that. I will edit in this way if I see anything that needs obvious changes. Ex: your and you're.
  • There will be 'homework.' I respect everyone's schedules and will keep this as minimal as possible. There will be light reading, and of course, writing!
  • While this is pay-what-you-can, I ask that if you make this commitment to the 4-week course, to treat it as any other education you invest in. This is not only a commitment to me as well as your course-mates, but most importantly, yourself! I ask that you honor yourself and be present.
  • This course will be a LIVE lecture + discussion once a week. Classes can range from 1-3 hours. There will also be e-mail action between us as I will be 'critiquing' your work weekly and providing feedback.
  • All levels of writing welcome!

Tentative and very brief course outline. I want to save the good stuff for class itself!