I am available for freelance services including writing/editing, social media management, event support, website design, and more.


Freelance Writing/Editing

As a freelance writer/editor I am open to all opportunities in writing for various blogs and publications as well as editing, or both. I am also available to edit manuscripts.

I was also a Communications Coordinator while a corps member at City Year.

My freelance writing includes The Milk Thistle, The Occulum, The ILY Mag, Flash Zine, Womanhood, The Lyon's Den (Porter Lyons), and more.

My portfolio.

1 on 1 sessions

Are you a writer in need of support?

I am opening 1 on 1 sessions for editing and mentorship to guide you through your self-expression. I am extremely passionate about the creative work that goes into writing and what we produce as human beings and artists. Together we'll work on excavating what is within you that is aching to be put to paper. 

*Sessions will vary depending on your needs. Let me know what you are seeking guidance/editing for so we can feel if we're the right fit. I am not licensed and do not provide psychiatric help, only the emotional and editorial support needed for your best writing experience.

E-mail me to set up an online or in-person session. In-person in the Bay Area only.


Most recently I supported Hasnaa At-Tahuidi, Francheska of HeyFranHey, and Yeradmi Gomes on their Supernatural Wellness Tour in Los Angeles and in Oakland.

In April 2017 I hosted a wellness event with my business, Pussy Magic, focused on women's wellness specifically focused on root chakra healing. We are currently working on our next event.

As a corps member at City Year, my team and I led many events at the Blackstone Elementary School in Boston, including family dinner events, school talent shows, and more. With The Paris Creperie, I created/worked with a team for special holiday events at the café such as Bastille Day, Nutella Day, and Mardi Gras, including face painting and crepe specials. I've also catered many weddings with B+C Restaurant Group, owners of Peaches and The Smoke Joint in Brooklyn.

I'm efficient, organized, flexible, and energetic. If I am aligned with and passionate about the event and organization/company's purpose, I am very open and willing to assist or present.

For any and all inquiries of services, please head to my contact page. Prices and rates will be discussed in e-mail and are dependent on the project.