mouth made of satin (wide eyes publishing, 2019)

“mouth made of satin” is a tantalizing and seductive work of art. a journey through the sexuality of womanhood and an exploration of desire. samantha writes an unyielding collection of poetry that celebrates the sexual autonomy of women, their desires, and the command for pleasure to be provided.⁣⁣⁣⁣


L'ACQUA (2017)

L'ACQUA is a collection of poems and stories focused on the ebb and flow of emotion. Love, lust, pain, passion, longing, abandonment, neglect, joy, connection, and dissonance.

Samantha takes us on a journey to bathe in the emotions that take us over each day. That excite and betray us. That inspire and hinder us. The hurricane of love and life, the tides of experience, and the calm flows we find ourselves floating in.

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thoughts on l'acqua

i have taken my time with my feelings that have brewed from reading the words of this beautiful Gemini poetess @baddiesam. books. poetry. i am very serious about them. not too serious. but serious enough where i can feel the words dancing in my bones if i connect with them so. i had a dream about Samantha and her book before i began reading this (i am also very serious about dreams) and this dream touched my entire being because i knew how much love was put into the birth of L'ACQUA just by that dream. by the exchange of our words.

i'm so proud of you. putting your poetry out there for the world to see is equivalent to opening up your chest and and letting people peer into your heart. letting people walk through your secret corridors. but everyone won't see what you see. so you can stay hidden. but Samantha, i see you, my love. i see you, i feel you, and i thank you for publishing this collection of emotional trips. i'm proud to welcome it as part of my book family, and i hope you continue on sharing yourself with this world. i am grateful for women who are unapologetic about themselves. about their feelings, thoughts. and you are. you are strong, witty, and you can be as light as you are heavy. both are divine. you are divine. i am in love with this book. i love you.

- kalaéja emaun

i’ve read this cover to cover a few times now and i’m just amazed at how you put these words together. from the structure to the subject matter, it’s an enjoyable read that not only allows us access into the mind of the poet, but (for me anyway) i was able to reflect on my own experiences and have a new perspective on certain things. overall, i’m grateful that you shared these with the public, and i’m honored to have been able to purchase a copy. i’m looking forward to more in the future.

beautiful words from a beautiful soul. thank you.

- tyler wright

off from the voyage of her soul, this poetic voice tugs at embarrassed embrace. silencing the surrender of a heart breaking blissfully and brilliantly. a revolt from a mind accepting more than simple circumstances. discolored. beauty building itself. whoever does not read this in their lifetime is missing out on something seriously special. thank you for not hiding your mind from the world. this tangible amazement of mindful emotion is exactly what sharing should be. you're really swimming.

- trevor cornelius

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Laments of a Treasure Chest (2010)

Samantha's first self-published book of poetry. Published in 2010, this collection explores loss and romance within the spectrum of young love.

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