dear king
healing your feminine side,
you are delicious.

i read words of a sovereign man and think,
it doesn't have to be sexual,
but it could be too.

i could be diggin' on you.

delicious man,
and sa-
vory ––
you are safe with me.

i've been working on my masculine too.
sometimes he wanted to play too much,
came out way too rough.
he taught my feminine to be brave,
take charge,
i should really remember to thank him every day.

but i know she does.
she knows better than me.
and together we find serenity,
the three of us.
him, her, and me.
i love we.
and i'll love you too.
when you arrive for me.
when i arrive for you.
when we no longer flee.
i await thee.

Creatress-in-Chief of Pussy Magic, Samantha is a published poet, author, and editor from the Bay Area with immense passion for traveling and positively changing the lives of women through holistic healing and honoring our sacred selves: mind, body, and spirit. Find more info and her writing here.